Crafting Buildings and Mining

01/14/2017 Full-game Update: This is an expansion from the last post. I had a lot of fun making this quick stone house (10 minutes) using 3 different types of stone that can be mined in the game similar to Minecraft and Creativerse. Demo Update: The Demo is working nicely as I added the ability to do simple interactions when in battle-mode without having to switch to Interactive mode.

Gods and Nemesis: The Making series

If you are interested in making video games then check out the Gods and Nemesis: The Making series which shows how to accomplish some basic concepts such as making 3D objects using free software such as Blender 3D. This first video is an overview of what to expect.


The rentrocript will prove to be a mysterious creature throughout the Gods and Nemesis story. They are typically found in deep caves near grave sites or fossils.