I did not realize how much fun it is to just go around taking pictures within the alien world 🙂 The new Camera system works beautifully! Enjoy! #fantasy #gamedev #GN #indiedev #IndieGame #screenshotsaturday #freetoplay #fun #Blender3d 

Happy New Year! Just added the festive portion of fireworks to the game that turns on dependent on the time of year. Guess what time of year it is when you can shoot off alien fireworks 🙂 lot is planned for the new year such as the expansion to the floating stronghold of Sol Vynthryn in the distance of this snapshot! #fantasy #gamedev #GN #indiedev #IndieGame #screenshotsaturday #freetoplay #fun #Blender3d 

Merry Christmas! It was a lot of fun adding a festive portion to the game that turns on dependent on the time of year. Guess what time of year it is when alien candy canes show up 🙂 Yummy! A lot is planned for the new year. #fantasy #gamedev #GN #indiedev #IndieGame #screenshotsaturday #freetoplay #fun #Blender3d 

I was not able to do a GIF at this point but the distorted colors are the visual effects of the Ulanji’s (Race) ability to see in the ultraviolet spectrum of light. Unlike infrared vision, this still requires a light source which is a torch in this case. Using the ultraviolet spectrum, like birds on Earth, you can see fresh trials sometimes. It is hard to see but at the bottom, center is a book that will teach the player a simple spell. #fantasy #gamedev #GN #indiedev #IndieGame #screenshotsaturday #freetoplay #fun #Blender3d

I am still working on the skill tree system and should be done by Tuesday. A gamedev company that I was reading about made a very simple but important comment. They said that still pictures do not work well with their game. I completely related to this and will try to do GIF files from now on. This is the first attempt towards implimenting this method. I wish I had more to show this week, but a skill tree is too bland to show off. #fantasy #gamedev #GN #indiedev #IndieGame #screenshotsaturday #freetoplay #fun #Blender3d

Painting the new skill-tree background of the ancient nebula phoenix. Based on the game mythology it is one area of thought that the ancient phoenix connects the ethereal and physical plains of existence. This connection allows for a soul to form such as your characters. I had made a long while ago the ability for the characters to increase their attributes such as strength and dexterity but I have noticed that a skill tree for the numerous abilities makes for a much more interesting feel. I am working hard to get this working as I feel it is a must for most role-playing games currently.  #fantasy #gamedev #GN #indiedev #IndieGame #screenshotsaturday #freetoplay #fun #Blender3d

I have to finish up doing taxes today. I wanted to watch the Sun Dragons battle in the distance before going back to work. This battle is seen in the second chapter. I hope to finish it up after managing a new schedule. It was too difficult to snap a pic in time of the low flight of an airship overhead. I originally wanted to show the low pass of an airship which will alter the gravity of certain rocks and debris that have exotic materials. It’s a nice effect to see things slowly rise and fall back into place as the airship passes above. It reminds me of the famous scene in Star Wars where Luke carefully uses the force on some rocks on Dagobah while Yoda is training him. #fantasy #gamedev #GN #indiedev #IndieGame #screenshotsaturday #freetoplay #fun #Blender3d

Scene From Star Wars

Testing some more areas of Alchemy and made the Intoxication System for when an alchemist turns into a bootlegger. The process most basic recipe requires a fermenting worm (typically found on the forest floors), some berries/ fruit and water. This is an alien world and so the Ulanji and Kayth often render foods into its ashen form. The recipe then requires water to make a mash for the worm to eat. The result is a simple beer-like beverage. The intoxication system takes care of the rest by tracking how much is consumed over a given amount of time and formulating the buffs, penalties, and effects. Drinking too much over a short period of time will result in more penalties and if you drink way too much then it can make your character blackout for a short while. Drinking responsibly is the better approach for gaining some decent buffs without the nasty side effects, and someone can instead make a little side cash by simply selling their stash instead. #fantasy #gamedev #GN #indiedev #IndieGame #screenshotsaturday #freetoplay #fun #Blender3d

I am having a good time playing my own game seeing everything come together with attention to detail which now includes making your own ferments. The story at this point shows my glazed-eyed ally becoming possessed by our rescuing airship pilot in order to relay a message for what she needs in order to land. This ally is greedy and always will convey opportunities to find loot such as the items that the dead soldier’s body may have for us. #fantasy #gamedev #GN #indiedev #IndieGame #screenshotsaturday #freetoplay #fun #Blender3d

Found a well-hidden forest cave! It will be helpful to look out for these. I am designing the story-line to the survival mode to uphold the feeling of the original board game. #fantasy #gamedev #GN #indiedev #IndieGame #screenshotsaturday #freetoplay #fun #Blender3d

My character is over-encumbered from all of the building materials I have collected. The temperature is dropping so it will be one of my first tasks to chop down certain trees to collect firewood and start a campfire. I am doing tests today on the Survival Mode that is in Beta. I want to include this with Chapter 2 as players wait for Chapter 3 to be completed. #fantasy #gamedev #GN #indiedev #IndieGame #screenshotsaturday #freetoplay #fun #Blender3d

At the center of the picture, there is a small fermenting worm crawling on the forest floor. It is pretty rare to come across these which shows the random generator is working correctly. The extinction system is also handling the critter inventory well. It takes into account the seasons, success rate of the organism, and adjusts its population accordingly. This system will make for a very interesting world. There is now a class of zombie that can come up from the ground if the player randomly walks near its area. This adds to the creepiness for the survival part of the game.  #fantasy #gamedev #GN #indiedev #screenshotsaturday #freetoplay #fun #Blender3d

The radar (bottom right after the detect-life spell) suddenly lights up with icons indicating numerous lifeforms just in this small area. Most of them, in this case, are bugs which are useful for alchemy. There are of course enemies such as zombies to look out for, and there are some peaceful creatures that go about thier daily tasks too. The new collective AI system allows this to happen. I am making some final tweaks to the random generator that allows the forest to be filled with alchemical plants, harvestable wood, and minerals to mine.  #fantasy #gamedev #GN #indiedev #screenshotsaturday #freetoplay #fun #Blender3d

Just noticed last night when expanding the Raymor’s ability to target the Airship that I have reached over 10,000 lines of script for the AI alone. I will be doing a full playtest today to make sure the massive amount of updates and changes did not affect anything. The voiceovers for Chapter 2 are complete and are indexed in sync with the text. This has made a huge difference in the feel of the game especially after finding such a talented voice actor for the part which will be credited within the credit section. #fantasy #gamedev #GN #indiedev #screenshotsaturday #freetoplay #fun #Blender3d

Adding the small details makes a  difference in the gaming experience. This pestle and mortar was found in a room of interest and I was able to mix a glow bug and a type of underwater plant to make a more powerful potion of umbra for magic use. #fantasy #gamedev #GN #indiedev #screenshotsaturday #freetoplay #fun #Blender3d https://mefflabs.com/updates-blo

12/16/2017 Alchemy has become a satisfying section for me. There are special codes for the various alchemy ingredients (including food) to allow for combinations and new ingredients to happen. Here I am showing that you can harvest Kao Lith fish(cooking at bottom center), fillet them, collect wood from the forest, get a fire going, and cook the fillets in the fire. It takes about 4 seconds for the fillet to cook. If you cook it again, you can make ashen remains which are needed for a different class of alchemy ingredients. I have finalized the voiceovers and will be sending it to the voice actor next week. In the meantime, I will complete the alchemy section for the oven(complex meals), mortal and pestle, and distil. #fantasy #gamedev #GN #indiedev #screenshotsaturday #freetoplay #fun #Blender3d

12/02/2017 I was trying to get a good picture of the pupils of the Ulanji character because they transition from four pin-dot pupils in low lighting to cat slits pupils for lighted areas just like the book describes, but I realized it would be better to make a gif file to show this. In the meantime, I had fun breaking Stalactites and looting mineralized skeletons in the cave. I will now be concentrating on finalizing what the characters say so I can get the voice actors on board. I had planned this for last week but there were some details for Chapter 2 that I needed to fix first such as falling from great heights, creating numerous sound effects, particle effects, creating a separate collective AI that is less taxing on the CPU for the bugs, and getting the general AI to cooperate for one of the scenes. The AI I created for the game is over 10,000 lines of code, and I swear they do what they want at times, like running off to fight rather than talk when needed. It is a blast to see this happen though. #fantasy #gamedev #GN #indiedev #screenshotsaturday #freetoplay #fun

11/25/2017 I have added some bugs adds a lot to the surrounding ambience. You can collect certain flies for alchemy but what I was very happy about is the introduction of the fermenting worm from the board game where you can feed it rotting fruits to make alcohol over time. Today I have 5 new sounds. 2 for these new creatures, a water pouring sound, getting burn sound, and a sp[ecialized falling sound for far distances.  #fantasy #gamedev #GN #indiedev #screenshotsaturday #freetoplay #fun

11/18/2017 Its been a while before posting but here are some updates. Today I am stitching the parts of Chapter 2 together and will do a full playthrough today. If all is well. then I will finalize what is said to hire out the voice over. I have stitched the second half together and decided to talk to one of the engineering crew members (the one that rescued me from the prison mines) of my airship before taking off again. #fantasy #gamedev #GN #indiedev #screenshotsaturday #freetoplay #fun  https://mefflabs.com/updates-blog/

10/28/2017 Spooky creatures and scary workarounds! There has been a lot of challenges with setting up this engine to work with such large creatures. I made a special collision mesh just for these events and now allows for the proper calculations for impacts with projectiles. The projectiles themselves needed to trade out and do exotic effects in line with an ethereal creature while the creatures themselves had special abilities that needed representation. I am happy to see it come together as it speaks to the board game that this was inspired from which always focused on the unusual. Here is a scene inside the portal looking out the side of the Stone Airship. I was tasked to find an unwanted intruder hiding somewhere that is draining the power. #fantasy #gamedev #GN #indiedev #screenshotsaturday #freetoplay #fun

10/21/2017 I had a lot of fun using #Blender3D to create this Ethereal World Demon for the 2nd Chapter. I have added the armature and will be making a few simple animations today along with making sure its unique AI operates correctly when in battle. This creature is very important to me as it belonged to the old board game. I went off an old picture used for the board game to model it in Blender. It felt good to welcome back this monster from 2D and see it come to life as a 3D model. #fantasy #gamedev #GN #indiedev #screenshotsaturday #freetoplay #fun

10/14/2017 This is a dead Sun Dragon after an Airship battle. I still have more details to add such as ploughed up ground effects and eyes that stop glowing after an x amount of time. The creature is enormous making it a candidate for future expansions of players riding tamed Sun Dragons which would fall nicely into the Sirenth’s class ability. #fantasy #gamedev #GN #indiedev #screenshotsaturday #freetoplay #fun

10/07/2017 I have finalized the details on the new illumination spell called lyste mimic which mimics the light of the common glowing lyste crystal. This frees up a hand and allows me to see without having to hold a torch. You never know what is in the dark. Luckily this is just a petrified Ioichthy worm. These worms were often used to borrow out passages by the ancients. #fantasy #gamedev #GN #indiedev #screenshotsaturday #freetoplay #fun

09/30/2017 I am completing one of the last side quests for Chapter 2. This one involves a common creature used in by the Ulanji for transport, food, and armor called the Banchus. This one is laying down because it is sick. It is interesting all of the choices and possibilities that can occur with a simple side quest. I wanted the player to have several options on what to do and make moral choices that will result in different outcomes. #fantasy #gamedev #GN #indiedev #screenshotsaturday #freetoplay #fun

09/23/2017 It was an enjoyable experience getting the lockpick system in place. Lockpicking is a sub-ability of your character so you will get better over time. The locks vary in complexity and you can create lockpicks with your alchemy sub-ability skill or buy / find them. Picking alien locks is like a game inside of the game it’s actually a lot of fun. #fantasy #gamedev #GN #indiedev #screenshotsaturday #freetoplay #fun

09/16/2017 This was one of those moments when I realized that the forests appear as described in the #fantasy novel. This is my character peaking through the edge of the forest towards the Magi chambers. I am back up and running after the power outages from hurricane Irma. I take a few hours at the beginning of every day to rearrange foilage and interactive items etc before playing the storyline and making tweaks to it. Chapter 2 is almost there! #fun #gamedev #GN #indiedev #screenshotsaturday #freetoplay https://mefflabs.com/updates-blog/

09/02/2017 Doing some tests for chapter 2. I am heading towards the portal that opened up with my stolen Stone Airship. The last glow of a few arcs of lightning can be seen on the deck.  #fun #gamedev #indiegame #GN #indiedev #fantasy #screenshotsaturday

08/19/2017 I am really happy to see so many engaged in the upcoming eclipse on the 21st. I have decided to make a tribute to this event by making the system perform eclipses based on the movements of the 2 other moons,  the planet, and 2 suns. This had been planned for the future as the magic system, in accordance with the unpublished book, relies on the eclipses of all of these bodies to produce mana (called Umbra in the game). This means being on the moon of Uthanus Dreen should render some unique surprises regarding this random phenomenon when mixed with the seasons. Chapter 2 has been taking longer than expected because of the lack of time due to my paying job, but I am still at it.. #fun #gamedev #indiegame #GN #indiedev #fantasy #screenshotsaturday

07/29/2017 I am having a little too much fun looting the burning remains of stone airships that have been destroyed by Sun Dragons. I am finishing up Chapter 2. I think it is a good sign that I am still enjoying the game even after so many tests. #fun #gamedev #indiegame #GN #indiedev #fantasy #screenshotsaturday

07/03/2017 I had a lot of #fun doing the slime creature tutorial with @DasGeek over this weekend using Linux, Blender, and Torque3d. These tutorials are designed to be very simple as the systems used may seem intimidating for first-time developers. It will not take long to get used to them though. Make sure to comment on the YouTube channel and thank you to all of those that requested this video. Take Care! #gamedev #indiegame #GN #indiedev #fantasy #Blender, #Torque3d, #Linux! #gamedev #GN #gaming https://youtu.be/YfNBADSLHhA

Slime Creature
Slime Creature

I am currently exploring newer engines as the inventory system is growing every week with new items from those planned. It is time to head over into the realm of 64bit as a result.  Here is a Sunken Treasure chest but notice the plants as well. All of these items will be helpful to you. Make sure to explore underwater as there is a lot of stuff such as plants and Sunken Treasure chests to explore. #gamedev #indiegame #GN #indiedev #fantasy #screenshotsaturday

Sunken Treasure
Sunken Treasure

It’s a lot of #fun getting pummeled by hail! This storm produced some decent sized chunks that shake the player when hit. Getting the tornado to produce a hail storm before they from soon. #gamedev #indiegame #GN #indiedev #fantasy #screenshotsaturday


05/27/2017 Having #fun cutting down trees and building campfires for the Gods and Nemesis Architect expansion. Notice the cutdown tree in the distance. This time it provided enough wood after processing to last through half the night. #gamedev #indiegame #GN #indiedev #fantasy #screenshotsaturday


05/14/2017 Having  being the traitor by attacking the Rebel that helped me escape in Chapter 2. It didn’t last long this time. He eventually overpowered me and left me to rot. Looks like I need to level up some more. Ch 3.

05/09/2017 I had a lot of #fun doing the slime creature tutorial with Das Geek over this weekend using #Linux, #Blender, and #Torque3d. These tutorials are designed to be very simple as the systems used may seem to be intimidating to a first-time developer. It will not take long to get used to them though. Make sure to comment on the YouTube channel and thank you to all of those that requested this video. Take Care! #gamedev #indiegame #GN #indiedev #fantasy  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V9yB81KAkM4

Shooting Slime Creature
Shooting Slime Creature

05/06/2017 Having #fun flying the stone airships for Chapter 2 of the game coming out soon. I needed to add some more action in the way of battles. Here I am on the stone airships deck where I can take control and fly where I want to across the large island. The rest of the party members are in the lower decks.

Fying Stone Airship
Fying Stone Airship

04/29/2017 Having fun setting up the save points. The levelling up system is running nicely as well. I will be smoothing out Chapter 2 today. I wanted to make some changes that will make it even more engaging for the player along with some additional guidance for certain parts.

04/22/2017 I have decided to make a few advancing changes to the game before releasing the patch. I feel the storyline flows a lot better at the very beginning and the very end of Chapter1 by taking out the credits and well wishes to new players. The torch in the game would not activate if you were in the water. I wanted to add the last detail which is making it go out when going into a deep water source as well. #gamedev #indiegame #GN #fun #indiedev #fantasy #screenshotsaturday

I had a lot of #fun doing the slime creature tutorial with Das Geek over this weekend using #Linux, #Blender, and #Torque3d. These tutorials are designed to be very simple as these systems used may seem to be intimidating to a first-time developer. It will not take long to get used to them though. Make sure to comment on the YouTube channel to be eligible for those giveaways. Thank you to all of those that requested this video. Take Care!  #gamedev #indiegame #GN #indiedev #fantasy #screenshotsaturdayhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=HslcDcprSvU

Slime Creature in Desert Scene

I have been having some fun today adding more clues to the numerous secrets in the game.


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As many of you may know I have released Gods and Nemesis: of Ghosts from Dragons on Steam as an early access game a few weeks ago. It was received well regarding the game’s original focus. The game is fresh because it is truly different. I was very happy to see comments supporting this. In contrast (as most early access games) it had unforeseen glitches. I did not have funds to have it professionally play tested although Steam and several players with different systems were extremely helpful in pointing out issues that were quickly addressed before release. This is why early access was an option to get it playtested while interacting with the Steam community before finalising a release. Unfortunately, the game crashed at times. The main issue is that I accidently uploaded my computer’s preferences for the game as part of the release so unless you had my exact system specs or something very close it would most likely crash the game or it would be buggy. Also, the engine by default would assume OpenAL on first loading the game which caused issues but I want to target this soon so that I can make this game available for Linux users. Anti-aliasing was assumed as well which would make certain Intel processors crash the game. In addition, I have never had the opportunity to see numerous player styles so that I could make the needed adjustments. For instance, someone that is used to a COD style game may rapidly jam the buttons causing unforeseen issues as witnessed in one of the review videos. Although, this game is really not designed for players that are not into story driven and open-world RPG’s. These types of games require more patience, a willingness to explore, and a desire to learn about the world presented.

As a result of this shaky beginning there were some negative comments and understandably so. Keep in mind it was an early release and it is free. There was even one video review already made that used these bugs for entertaining their audience. Regardless, they provided valuable feedback even though in some cases it may not have been the original intention which helped with addressing minor playability issues. Most publishers rely on early access for this reason and to also begin promoting the game early to those that have shown interest in the past.

The issues are already being addressed and all of them have been relatively easy to fix once they were realised. As a result, I will be play testing the fixes over this weekend before releasing the patch soon. As a side consideration, keep in mind that even Half-Life to this very day has bugs being addressed. So bugs will be smashed as an ongoing maintenance — this game will continue and will only get better! I will persevere in beautifying the 2nd Chapter which has lots of crazy things as should be expected by now. This game is based on a mixture of science fiction, mythology, and fantasy.  The characters just might be unique as a result! They may even seem strange as it was meant to be. So if you support fresh angles in indie development then this game may be for you. I think it is safe to say that this is a true indie project. All of the textures, 3D models, animations, AI, programming, storyboarding, sound effects, and the music was produced from scratch using only free or open source software from someone that knew nothing about any of it five years ago. I feel I have journeyed a long way. It is a good feeling to have made such a daring project come to life mainly because of the wonderful support and guidance from the indie communities.

04/01/2017 Gods and Nemesis has been approved for the Steam Store and will be available soon! I am working on a lot of things today. Keep in mind that Gods and Nemesis traditionally has a dark ambience and pictures are difficult to render. In this picture, I am standing on a Sunken Airship in a cave with an alchemy set to my left on the archaic stone table. All of this may be found in the 4th Chapter of the Storyline portion of the game. Keep in mind that there is a lot to explore even in the small areas that you come across. I will be setting the game for early release and deciding on an official release soon.

Sunken Airship
Sunken Airship

03//25/2017 I have made a character named Chadwee, of course, (race of Kayth and class of Slayer) looking out across the land from the crow’s nest of the Stone Airship. The rings of the floating stronghold obscure the setting sun. I will be figuring out methods for the uninstaller so that it does not leave behind even the character files. We are getting close to launch.

03/05/2017 It’s been a while since I posted here – it’s been a little crazy. Just letting you know I am in the process of white-listing my game for @McAfee and @baidu AntiVirus software so that it does not create false positives (This is a common developer headache). I would prefer not having to convince people with these AV packages that my game is not a virus, but some developers are forced to do this. It has been 2 weeks trying to get any support from these two without even a return response. @EndgameInc on the other hand, was immediate and whitelisted the game quickly. It’s a setback but I am using the time to add more game details. Also, I had the opportunity to play #ZeldaBreathoftheWild with @dasgeekchannel . The viewers still remember the Blender video we did and want another one. So I will use this opportunity to create the slime creature for the game based on the old board game version of G&N. If interested, here is the first stream of Zelda. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=iGEp6VJ9Yv0

02/18/2017 I had to take a pic of the skull of the Sun Dragon fossil at the campfire I was beautifying. There is also a table nearby and other items that would suggest a strange form of alchemy was practised here. The Sun Dragon took several weeks to create. Then I broke the Sun Dragon model down to make it into a skeleton comprised of over 200 bones using #Blender. The result is that now I can scatter areas with these bones to add to the scenery and storyline. #gamedev #indiegame #screenshotsaturday #GN #indiedev #fantasy

02/11/2017  Ghosts can be good or bad. This one at center leads you to a sunken chest and provides some light before disappearing. A Large unrefined Lyste Crystal is in the foreground. #gamedev #indiegame #screenshotsaturday #GN #indiedev #fantasy

Underwater Ghost
Underwater Ghost

02/04/2017 Demo Update: I was really happy with seeing all of these things going on all at once. My Ally is waiting for me while a stone airship floats by as Sun Dragons fly in the distance. This game project has come a long way and I’m happy with the results.

01/28/2017 Last year’s was a blast! I have uploaded the Beta version of the game on  .yesterday and set up the store page. If everything is golden then I will be able to invite individual players to test out the pre-release. Looking back at this collage I was designing for the store it occurred to me how awesome of a ride #gamedev was last year. I have learned a lot and I can’t wait to raise the bar even higher this year. Thank you for sharing in these milestones. 

01/23/2017 Just now at 9PM EST! Snow at Lake Alatheer on the moon of Uthanus Dreen. The home planet of Zeace is in the distance. I am currently speeding up time to test the beginning cut scene. The cut scene will only happen if the weather is clear and it is night time to fit the theme. It is nice to see the environment change as I do this.

01/20/2017 Full-game Update: This is mystifying to watch as the #tornado goes through this forest at night bending the trees around it. It is now currently the season of Sylian (each season comes around every 10 days of development) which is a rainy season on this moon of Uthanus Dreen. Once in a great while when testing new concepts I will see a tornado. The lightning shocks the area to a momentary daylight which adds quite a bit to the experience, but I can’t get a proper picture of that happening.

Demo-Update: I am ready to bring the game on to Steam hopefully this week. I have started beautifying the next section of this Demo while the voiceovers are being worked on. It will be released as a free expansion bringing in another 30 minutes of game play. It will allow the player to experience the vehicles.

Rainy Season. Tornado goes through forest bending trees.

01/14/2017 Full-game Update: This is an expansion from the last post. I had a lot of fun making this quick stone house (10 minutes) using 3 different types of stone that can be mined in the game similar to Minecraft and Creativerse. Demo Update: The Demo is working nicely as I added the ability to do simple interactions when in battle mode without having to switch to Interactive mode. This makes mining a little easier.

01/08/2017 Full-game Update: From now on I will label full game updates and demo game updates accordingly. This was just programmed. There is quite a bit to do to make this work smoothly but I am excited to say that this is a major step forward. It may not look like much now, but these wall stones are the first example of in-game (open sandbox) Minecraft/ Creativerse building in my game.

Open Sandbox: In-game Building

01/07/2017 I always wanted snow to accumulate and now it does. It is ironic that the seasons had changed to winter in the game and that we had real snow last night! Every time I log into the game to test something it loads in the current Season, Time of Day, and Year but adds 1 hour. There are 240 30-hour days on Uthanus Dreen so it is pretty cool to see a seasonal change.

snow Accumulation

Real Snow from last night

Snow from last night

12/31/2016  Update: Testing out the Zombie coming up from the water was a lot of fun last night. I am paving the way for the full game which will also allow players to be a survivalist, feeding off the land, if they wish. This pic shows a Zombie that came out from the glowing lake. The planet of Zeace is in the background with the other moon Pano Lythene.

12/22/2016 Update: I will be holding back the game’s release for two more months. I can technically release the game now, but there are several important issues that have bothered me recently.
The timing of the game’s release is bad because of the holidays. I will also take a few days to spend time with family and friends before starting the New Year. I need to be available when the game is released to help anyone with technical issues.
There needed to be a strong social media message before the game’s release but I did not have time to make this happen due to the demands of the current paying job.
There were additional beautifying tweaks that I wanted to make to give this game a fair chance in inspiring financial support for the full game.

Additionally, it would be better for my game’s internal achievement system to connect with Steam’s SDK (along with other advancements) to allow for a more enjoyable experience.

This quote helped me put things in perspective recently:

“A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever.” ― Shigeru Miyamoto

Keep in mind a game can be perceived bad, even if it is good,  or remain unknown because of the things listed above. I need to make sure everything is as perfect as possible because

I want the players to have this and this 6-year project deserves this too. Once again, thank you for your continued support and I will keep you updated as always.

12/10/2016 It’s stalactite smashing time! When playing the game, make sure to find these as they are a great stress reliever!

The Physical Manual is done! It will use the charcoal backgrounds used for the game art pencil drawings. It will need constant updates as the game grows but that is a good problem to have. #GN #indiedev#gamedev #blender3d #indiegame 

11/26/2016 An alien shroom by the cave waterfall. There will be plenty of life even in the short demo. The short demo will introduce the story and will be focused on this but make sure to take a look around when there are breaks. #screenshotsaturday #GN #indiedev #gamedev #blender3d #indiegame

Min Yoon
Min Yoon

11/19/2016 Just warming up at the campfire with my new friend. I will be adding in the ability to choose a slender Kayth in the Race selection. #screenshotsaturday #GN #indiedev #gamedev #blender3d #indiegame

Before the Branding
Campfire Scene

11/12/2016 Now you can mine ore like the pros. In-game training is working out nicely. I will add in today a training archive that will allow a player to look up the past training and a guide for when they are in the middle of a quest in case they forget what is required at a certain point. #screenshotsaturday #GN #indiedev #gamedev #blender3d

11/05/2016 If you Zoom in enough you can often see bugs dance in the alien grass. I will eventually make the bugs collectable for alchemy. #screenshotsaturday #GN #indiedev #gamedev #blender3d

10/29/2016 Won’t take long for your boots to smell like alien spider guts in these caves. Yuck!  I had fun making the squish effects for these little guys that randomly crawl around the cave system 


10/22/2016 This is an animated Sun Dragon silhouette against the twin suns. The last scene is almost ready for the demo release! The AI had to be changed for this specific and important scene that will set a lasting mood of what should be expected from the game on a continual basis. #screenshotsaturday #GN #indiedev #gamedev #blender3d

10/15/2016 Had a little fun with the alien treasure chests in the game. You will notice things tend to blend into the background more in this game than most. This is because the creatures of the game are heavy users of the environment along with magic. Strangely enough, there will be a lot of plans for the keys in the full version of the game — as always you can expect it to be weird but engaging all the same.

10/08/2016 This leather book contains the board game artwork and is a small portion of the total content that is being transcribed into the game. It took 1 week to complete using leather pieces woven with leather string. Hundreds of holes were made with a soldering iron for the binding.


09/30/2016 There are numerous little details in getting the story to work right as the game is played. One small detail is making sure that sounds, such as the battle music, gradually come in and out rather than suddenly at full volume. I have made the final creatures as described in the new book. The book is in its first level edits but the first chapter will be in the game as an easter egg. The intro at the beginning will happen only if there is calm weather and if it is nighttime. Here is a picture of the last creature to be created for the short demo called a Clinet. I will be working to finalize its texture tonight. This will be one of the few mammalian-like creatures found in the game, as a result, I will be blending into the texture three images of the fur coats and such of my favorite dogs while growing up.


Here are all of the objectives for Gods and Nemesis: of Ghosts from Dragons. Later I will add progress of the 2 books that are in first level edits currently.

05/17/2016: Remapping the controls for blocking to encourage the player to use it more. The more intelligent AI will also use these strategies more.
05/17/2016: Adding textural detail to the Phoenix, Absence, and Phantom Realm. The Absence Realm I am most excited about as it is a challenge to replicate the artistic representation that was on the background of some of the boardgame cards.
07/23/2016 I am getting things organized at my new studio location. I have added the ability to swap out normal torches with glowing lyste crystals and vice versa. I used the same code for the shelves that you can now use as well.
SSS Wall Sconce

These are the 11 categories being beautified for the Gods and Nemesis Deadline of December 30th.
#1) Animations
#2) Race, Gui, and Monster Textures
#3 Armor and Weapon Holding
#4 Attack Sequence
#5 Sound Effects
#6 Data Checks and Steam SDK
#7 Voice Overs
#8 Cut scenes
#9 Loading Game
#10 Intro
#11 Music Perfected

#1) Animations
Realign Walk Animation
Tongue animations for Kayth near lighting
Weaponless Slash
Getting Severely Damaged
Swimming Restraints
Banchus Walking
Banchus Attack
Banchus Closing Eyes
Kaolith Attacking
Crouching to get item
Grabbing Bowl
Jump Attack
Ulanji Ripping open mouth
Check all female Animations
Fix all Rentrocript Textures

#2) Race, Gui, and Monster Textures
Rename Retrocript to RentroCript
Look out for any leftover textures that need more attention
Finalize Dragon Texture
Finalize Kayth Texture
Finalize Banchus Texture
Finalize Kaolith texture
Finalize Ghost texture
Beautify underwater scenery
Add Petrified wood
Add Bones
Add Petrified Dragon Bones
Finalize Book Textures
Ensure all items have thumb pics

#3 Armor and Weapon Holding
Ensure Armor works with animations of all races and genders
Check Spells (Initiate intelligence metric)

#4 Attack Sequence
Add new kicking attack
Simplify attacks and scanning for controller use
Add energetic damage (blood types)
Finalize Panting (Tired)
Finalize Severely Wounded animation

#5 Sound Effects
New Campfire (more indepth)
Crystal Song
Iron Closing
Rocks Falling #2
Sand Falling
Dragon Roars
Banchus Grunts
Banchus Eating
3 common Item falls – metal, Jewelry, rock
3 common Footstep sounds
Opening Loot
Better Explosions
Banchus Death Cry
Eye Stab
RentroCript Death Cry
RentroCript Sound
RentroCript Attack
Warrior Echo Hack

#6 Data Checks and Steam SDK
Gather feedback on AI behaviors/ problems
Make Data/check for certain text with compensation if AI or creature is dead
May need one more stop point
Ensure AI gets called into movement when asked as additional fall back

#7 Voice Over’s
First and Second Mindless
3rd and 4th Mindless
Intro Old Man
Rebel 1
Rebel 2
Slave 1
Slave 2
Ghostly call during cut scenes

#8 Cutscenes
Map out 3 possible Roads for Player
Make sure player goes to cutscene or times out
Create place for player during cutscene
Create escape Trigger if they fall
Make it a timed event otherwise it chooses for you

#9 Loading Game
Need to polish death sequence (Restart)

#10 Intro
Perfect Song for introduction
Have cutscene for campfire
Add in random wyverns for escape scene

#11 Music Perfected
New Intro Music
Mild Battle Ambience
Creepy sounds after horrendous act
Music for cutscenes
Ambient music for progressing Story


Gods and Nemesis: of Ghosts from Dragons has been Greenlit on Steam! Thank you for your support. Below I have compiled all of the areas that need to be quality checked. The Demo will have expansions over time and all will be free. Additionally, there will be a campaign to generate funds for the full game. And I will provide the link to what this game will include schedule wise in congruence with the support level.